Wednesday, 5 February 2014

The Muslimah Boutique (Review) +ootd


There I was at my kitchen table eating my breakfast when the doorbell rang, and lo and behold on the other side of the door, this package was waiting for me:

Thanks to Yasmin from the Muslimah Boutique for sending out this beauty to me!!

Beautifully wrapped package which makes an ideal gift. Inside the package I found this Black Out Bronze Necklace with a large sunglasses Pendant designed and made by The Muslimah Boutique. 

She really hit it home with the glasses pendant given how much I love my geeks!! I love that there is a simple antique effect to it. It's great to wear almost any outfit. I personally love the idea of wearing it with a casual outfit, the necklace just pieces it all together.
I love the butterfly detail and intricate designs on the edges.

The necklace itself is not too big and not to small in size; the length of the chain measures at 96 cm- it's just right! 
For those of you who like showing off a bit of bling under your hijab; I totally recommend wearing long chains so its in sight. I wore the necklace with a light chiffon skirt, logo tee and trainers 

Absolutely love this look; it has a bit of a laid back tom-boy feel to it but adding it with light fabrics, such as this baby pink chiffon maxi skirt, also adds on a bit of a girly look too- so you get the best of both worlds. Who says pink and trainers don't mix? No one that's who!

Love the cropped denim jacket with the pink skirt and a black leather backpack!

Sorry must dash... <3

How awesome does the necklace look with this too cool for school tee though???

Logo tee- Primark
Denim jacket- New Look
Scarf- HK Scarves
Maxi skirt- eBay (seller: chineseart12)
Trainers- Primark

Rings- Primark
Watch- Casio
Necklace- The Muslimah Boutique

Contact The Muslimah Boutique for your own necklace retailing at £13 and many more cute and cool accessories such as a wide range of hijabs, jewellery and homeware!!!
 Check out:
Kik: Themuslimahboutique
BBM: 7b13791b

Payment is made via PayPal and shipping is Worldwide!

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

The Boyfriend Coat


This season its all about the boyfriend coats and I found this baby in TOPSHOP ^
I absolutely fell in love with the colour and fit; not too tight and not loose enough to look like I'm wearing a potato sack... unless of course in your opinion you think it does look like that - to each their own. LOL

I personally love the boyfriend/oversized look, its so perfect for those grunge outfit occasions- you know the ones where you wanna look good but don't wanna try too hard. I love the fact that with this coat you CAN do that!!! you can literally dress head to toe in black and don this coat and it will completely transform your outfit because of the gorgeous colour!! <3

I have seen many boyfriend coats in almost all high street stores, so now would be the time to buy one- contrary to popular belief, boyfriend coats come in all shapes and sizes; some with wider shoulders and a slightly more fitted waist and so on and the material also differs, giving each boyfriend coat a distinctive look- so find the one which is perfect for you. The moment I tried this coat on I knew it was meant for me- imagine how Cinderella felt wearing her glass slippers, yup! that was me on this particular occasion. When you know you know, you know?

I paired my boyfriend coat with a monochrome outfit and berry hijab and boots- keeping colors to a minimum and letting the coat do the talking:

LOVE how the green pops and the berry/wine colour compliments the colour of the coat <3 <3

I wore a jersey maxi skirt so that I didn't look toooo oversized-- one of my rules; if you are wearing loose clothing on top make sure the bottoms are not too loose so u have some shape or other and vice versa :)
The leather black backpack was to this outfit what icing is to a cake, it just made it whole...


I stacked those rings and put on a casio watch for the ultimate grunge look!

Hijab- Whitechapel market
Coat- Topshop
Shirt- H&M
Skirt- New Look
Boots- eBay (can't remember the seller but these boots are strikingly similar to 'cherry red 1460 Doc Martens
Bag- eBay (search black backpack)

Assorted rings- primark, camden, H&M
Watch- eBay
Necklace- Primark

The Beauty Box Boutique (Review)

The Beauty Box Boutique Review

I absolutely adore every single item I received in the post from The Beauty Box Boutique and there was soooo many ways to style them, but I'll let the pictures do most of the talking:

Check out the awesome items I received!! (L-R top to bottom); Necklace with velvet detail, Flower earrings, Black dome ring, Tear-drop antique earrings, YSL replica rings (blue and orange) and key shaped double finger ring.

The Necklace

I love this necklace!! The velvet detail is lush!!

Paired with a vintage granddad collar blouse and mustard scarf

The vintage shirt was from a vintage clothes seller on eBay, search Vintage Shirts on eBay and see what treasures you can find!

Blue skirt- Primark
PU leather sleeve blazer- H&M
Scarf- Whitechapel market

Necklace- Beauty Box Boutique
Rings- Primark
Earrings- Peacocks
Watch- Michael Kors

Another day, another outfit, the same necklace: paired with the tear-drop antique earrings 

Scarf/Turban- Whitechapel market
Berry blouse- Primark
Blue skirt- Primark
Bag- Primark

Watch- Micheal Kors
Ring- Beauty Box Boutique
Neckalce- Beauty Box Boutique
Earrings Beauty Box Boutuque
Fur Collar- Dorothy Perkins

YSL replica orange ring, 
Tear-drop antique gold earrings

I am absolutely in love with floral shirts and this one consists of more neutral colours and so is a little less ostentatious than other brightly coloured floral shirts I have seen. Perfect for achieving the floral look for those who are weary about wearing bold prints!

Mink chiffon Skirt- Forever 21
Floral shirt- Pull and Bear
Scarf/Turban- Whitechapel market

YSL replica orange ring- Beauty Box Boutique
Necklace- Primark
Earrings- Beauty Box Boutique
Glasses- eBay (search clubmaster glasses)

YSL replica blue ring,
Key-shaped double finger ring,
Tear-drop antique gold earrings

Scarf/ Turban- Whitechapel market
White chiffon shirt- Primark
Blue blazer- H&M
Maxi skirt- Primark
Shoes- Primark

Necklace- Primark
Rings- Beauty Box Boutique
Earrings- Beauty Box Boutique
Bag- River Island


Black dome ring

I love how this ring perfectly matched my earrings from Primark.

Flower earrings
I love this outfit, perfect for evening wear! 1920's glamour with the fur on one side!
Instead of wearing a necklace I pinned the earring to my turtle neck jumper, the same look can be achieved with a brooch- for a simple elegant look.

I wore my fur collar draped on one shoulder to achieve an elegant look, pair with a black outfit and simple minimal accessories and you're good to go!

Scarf/Turban- whitechapel market
Stretchy polo neck jumper- UniQlo
Maxi chiffon ksirt- New look

Watch- Michael Kors
Neck piece/ Earring- Beauty Box Boutique
Earrings- Primark

Thursday, 26 September 2013

HKScarves (Review)

This blog post will most definitely catch the interest of those of you whom are looking for quality maxi scarves, many people ask me what type of hijabs I wear; I can tell you that my most preferred types of scarves are viscose maxi hijabs, and I was lucky enough to get my hands on some from the beautiful Habibah at 'HK Scarves'.
I was absolutely thrilled when Habibah contacted me in order for me to review the hijabs she sells. And I can honestly say I was pleased with the hijabs I received.

ABOUT HK SCARVES: (excerpt taken from their website)
HK Scarves specialise in stylish, modest, elegant and fashionable scarves. Their goal is to provide an extensive line of scarves, without having to sacrifice style. You will be able to wear these scarves on a broad range of functions; from everyday wear to corporate parties. They hope to not only meet the needs of women looking for modest wear, but also to all those who want an elegant option.
There is a common misconception that if clothing is described as modest, it is boring, outdated, and lacking in personal style. The people at 'HK Scarves' respectfully disagree! For every fashionable look that exists, there is a covered-up-stylish alternative.Their primary focus is on the end result of the garment. They will make sure that you get the best of quality and style from them along with their commitment to customer care.

I received HKScarves' creamy maxi hijab, pastel aztec print hijab and the mushroom brown maxi hijab (l-r)

This is how I styled my crfeamy maxi hijab. I used a statement collar necklace to create this look. I would totally wear this style to any special occassion/function as it instantly makes you stand out. let the statement necklace work its magic! effortlessly chic and so easy to do... little things can go a long way.

Styling the mushroom brown hijab!
Necklace- Primark
Ring- Primark
Belt- H&M

Hijab- HKScarves
Peplum top- eBay
Skirt- Primark
Shoes- Primark

 I absolutely love the mushroom brown hijab it is almost a dusky pink colour, a mix between pink and brown <3
Another way to style a necklace with a hijab! These hijabs are particularly long and provide great coverage!

Ring- gift
Earrings- Peacocks

Hijab- HKScarves
Shirt- Forever 21
Maxi cardigan- eBay
Maxi skirt- Primark

Last but certainly not least! this is how I styled the aztec pastel; print hijab- my particular favourite especially during sunny days when I love wearing pastel colours! I think it went perfectly with this outfit! Wearing a pastel yellow shirt and pleated pink maxi skirt, a white maxi cardigan and to bring it all together... the pastel aztec print hijab which I absolutely am in love with. For those of you whom would prefer not to wear this on the head it goes great as a neck scarf too! I love wearing print scarves around my neck, they give any outift an instant wow factor. be prepared to see me donning a few printed scarves as snoods over the course of autumn and winter months.

Order your HKScarves hijab now!!
Follow them on Instagram= @HKScarves
Look them up on Facebook= HK Scarves
Or visit their website=

Friday, 30 August 2013

MODA Style First (Review) + ootd's

 I received some AMAAAZING products to review from the wonderful ladies at MODA.

A bit of info about the girls at MODA: The small business was set up by two best friends, namely Amina and Samina. They currently sell jewellery such as necklaces, rings, bracelets etc. However they hope to start selling their own line of clothing in the future!!
I personally adore every single item I have received and others displayed on their instagram page (go check them out @modastylefirst). I feel their products are very modern and so perfect for every day wear and totally in sync with current fashion trends!

Here I am wearing the MODA moustache necklace and infinity bracelet!

How absolutely amazing is the MODA 'Moustachio watch'??? I am in love with the moustache trend and this piece does not lack any coolness. I also love the infinity bracelet which is another trend on the highstreets, its so simple and yet so eye catching. I recommend wearing both these outfits with a very casual chic ensemble.

With this outfit I wore the MODA 'Honeycomb necklace' which I think brings any outfit to life! its definitely a statement piece but you can play it down depending on what outfit you pair it with! its a definite fave and I've worn it many times. I'm also wearing the 'Moustachio watch' and 'Infinity bracelet' as stated above.

I absolutely love sailor inspired outfits during summer and this is by far one of my fave outfits. what better way to wear it than to pair it with MODA's 'Colour Block Triangle ring'. Red, white and blue all the way! 

The bigger picture: Ahoy there Sailor
Seriously though how great does the colour block ring look with this outfit?!!

the gold spikes necklace!

I absolutely love how the 'Gold Spike necklace' is so simple and yet so effective. It instantly jazzes up any outfit and best of all you can wear it with literally any outfit (whether it be casual or evening wear) and it will not look a bit out of place! This is perfect for those who aren't too comfortable with living life on the edge and prefer simple casual looks.

LOOOVE this outfit and the way MODA's jewellery pieces fit together in this ensemble. The 'Moustachio watch' and the 'Too Cool for School necklace'. Working bright colours into my outfit is something I love to do, especially during summer days! I personally feel that the 'Too Cool for School necklace' will definitely suit any outfit which involves the dressing down of shirts. Play around with what colours you can pair up in the wardrobe and see if you can discover the hottest colour combo!

I told you I loved that honeycomb necklace!!

An outfit perfect for summer.

Check out Moda Style First and see if anything catches your eye!





Keeping It Under Wraps xoxo

A Walk in the Park

Finally British weather has decided to stay steady for a while and as the sun decided to shine upon the fortunate residents of London, I thought it would only be fair to make use of the warm weather. What better way to waste away a few hours of summer than to wind down with your family and have a picnic in the park? I had been meaning to wear this long chiffon cardigan I purchased a long time ago and I never really found the occasion until the very fateful day...

Rings- Primark
Watch- Micheal Kors
Suitcase- TK Maxx
Earring- Peacocks
Aviator sunnies- Primark
Necklace- ModaStyleFirst 

Hijab/Scarf- Whitechapel Market
Skirt- eBay (search jersey maxi skirts)
Shirt- H&M
Shoes- Primark
Long cardigan- Zara replica from eBay (search "long chiffon cardigan")